Black Therapy Charcoal Blackhead Peel Off Nose Pack 60g

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Join the Revolution! Combining all the benefits of a bamboo charcoal mask with the convenience of a Peel Off - impurities are drawn out from clogged pores with its oil-absorbing Clay and then detoxifies with active Charcoal. Then peel-of gently as it removes dead cells and dirt- you'll be amazed when you see how many impurities show up on masque after use. For maximum comfort and easy clean-up, the mask effortlessly lifts away to reveal a clean, smooth and radiant complexion.
Containing bamboo charcoal powder baked in a kiln at 1000 ℃. The mask is Grey in colour
To Use
Apply evenly avoiding the delicate eye area. Place over Tzone area. Relax for 20 minutes until the mask has dried and then simply peel off

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