MISA Geum Sul Overnight Cream (80ml)

MISA Geum Sul Overnight Cream (80ml)

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The premium oriental overnight cream rejuvenates your skin while you sleep at night. It gives wrinkle care, improves skin tone, and strengthens skin foundation.

The Overnight Cream:

  1. Revitalizes skin through intensive, overnight care: The "Three Treasures of Herbal Medicine" as documented in a famed oriental medicine text, wild ginseng, cordyceps and deer antler impart radiance and vitality to the skin overnight
  2. Being Multifunctional, nourishing overnight cream: Dual function overnight cream treats wrinkles and brightens as it firms.
  3. Purifies and imparts radiance: Pure gold content and a mix of nine rare herbal ingredients purify and luminize skin.

The cream is recommended for:

  • Those who are in their late 20s and older.
  • Those looking to provide their skin with intense moisture and nourishment as they sleep.
  • Those looking for a multifunctional product that nourishes, brightens and treats wrinkles.
  • Those looking for added nourishment and moisture to supplement their existing skincare regimen
To Use
After toner, apply an appropriate amount thoroughly over the entire face in a massaging motion. Gently pat for full absorption and go to bed (The cream absorbs quickly and you will be able to sleep pleasantly with a deep moisturized feeling.).

* Tip : Apply whenever your complexion looks dull or your skin feels saggy.

If your skin feels dry, use the product after applying essence or cream in a thin layer for deeper hydration. 

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