MISA Cho Gong Jin Toner 150ml

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A truly Prestige High End total anti-aging oriental natural toner is utilised as a part of the initial step for skin change. It modifies the skin to adjust and vitalizes the skin. For hostile to wrinkle and lighting up impacts. MISA Cho Gong Jin Secret medicines to battle the indications of maturing (More than Gongjingdan, Gongjinbichaekdan). Gong in an, a solution in Dongeuibogam, builds the soul of dilute and quiets the warmth, fortifying the establishment and soundness of the skin. In a quest for this, Rehmannia glutinous and dark ginseng made with the dedication of Gujeunggupo are included for a more noteworthy supporting impact. 
To Use
Apply after cleansing according to your skin texture and pat the face gently with palms to be fully absorbed.

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