MEDIHEAL Airpacking Pink Wrap Face Mask Sheet 18ml 1 sheet

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MEDIHEAL Airpacking Pink Wrap Face Mask Sheet 18ml 1 sheet 
Mask sheets are an essential part of any good skincare routine, as they provide a concentrated burst of moisture and targeted nutrients directly to the skin. This nourishing sheet mask will make you feel like you just spent the day at the spa. The pink wrap revitalizes, moisturizes, and improves skin elasticity with a firming vital complex of hydrolyzed collagen and ceramide. Anti-wrinkle pink blooming complex of 5 flowers (cherry blossom, camellia, lotus, water lily, rose) gives skin a lively look. The cotton sheet mask features a special three-layer airpacking fabric that prevents the moisture from leaving the skin and opens pores, allowing the nutritional ingredients to be absorbed.
To Use
After toner, apply to clean and dry skin. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, until the mask is dry, then remove gently. Tap face with fingertips.

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