About us

I'm currently residing in South Korea originally from Australia. When I arrived I soon discovered that Koreans Skin was just hauntingly flawless and youthful looking. I thought it’s all a matter of genetics and lifestyle but to then discover K-Beauty. K-Beauty is a big business in Korea and over the last few years, Korean beauty has completely dominated the skincare and makeup scene.

I soon discovered that Korea had a skin-first philosophy—they believe that taking good care of your skin should be enjoyable, and see it as an investment in your overall well-being not a chore. Korea is known to be a decade ahead of the global beauty market and is known for their innovation and incredible results. From snail creams to placenta serums, sheet mask to donkey milk …Korea has everything under the sun when it comes to Skin! So, I thought I would share with you guys a few of my Favourite Korean Products I have found.