Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask 25ml

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Eye sleeping mask that provides de-puffing eye care by ceramic ball massage to reveal a bright, moisturised and revitalized eye area the next morning.
*LANEIGE Sleep-Circular™ reduces the puffiness of the eyes overnight. Caffeine, vitamin P (hesperidin) and oligosaccharides create synergy with the ceramic ball through a massage action that helps to reduce any swelling around the eyes.
*LANEIGE Eye Moisture Wrap is a moisturising technology to keep the sensitive dry skin around the eyes moisturized overnight – like wrapping the skin in a layer of moisture. It helps the skin absorb Hydro Ion Mineral Water and Sleep-Circular™ during sleep, so it looks bright and healthy in the morning.
*LANEIGE Eye Sleeping Mask Ceramic Ball has a built-in cap for an easy and quick eye massage before/after sleep. Experience the cooling effect of a ceramic massage ball!
*Natural flavours are extracted from natural resources and it occurs colour variation from its origin and harvesting time. Colours may be different, however, flavour and function are same.
Reveals a softer, clearer, more elastic, radiant & revitalized eye zone
To Use
Use at the eye cream step of your basic skincare routine at night, 2–3 times a week. It is an overnight leave-on product.

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