Adaline Keep Cool and Drink Ocean Face Mask (1 Sheet)

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When it comes to sheet masks, we’ve seen it all. Keep Cool Sheet Mask, thinner than 0.21mm gently covers the skin just like your second skin. With Nordic style package designs, Adaline delivers beautiful packaging and great skincare that will make you enjoy the experience.
The silky texture and transparent sheet help the skin breathe while replenishing the skin with nutrition and vitamins. A sheet mask that feels so comfortable during application - the experience will make you feel beautiful and look beautiful!
✔ Keep Cool & Deep Ocean: Astaxanthin and deep sea water with abundant minerals provide deep hydration and prevent skin aging.
✔ Keep Cool & Let Shine: Pearl extracts and Vitamin complex add luster to the skin that naturally brightens and rejuvenate your skin.
✔ Keep Cool & Soothe yourself: Phytoncide and Centella asiatica instantly improves the overall skin. The nourishing ingredients provide extra skin protection that soothes sensitive and irritated skin. 
How to use
Apply to cleansed and toned skin. Leave on for 10-20 minutes.
Remove mask and pat in rest of serum into skin for full absorption..

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