April Skin Signature Soap Black 100g

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Leave your skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed with the Magic Stone Cleansing Soap from AprilSkin. This natural cleansers is filled with Korean Charcoal, this mild cleansing soap works for all skin types making skin more bright and clear. Combines olive, coconut and sunflower seed oils to moisturize skin while it cleanses. A blend of herbal extracts creates a soothing, relaxing scent to settle your mind as you remove your makeup or cleanse away the day. You'll be left with a deep clean for brighter, detoxified skin that's silky-soft.
It can reach deeply into and cleanse pores and effectively remove residue makeup, excess sebum and keratin plugs without imposing stress on skin.
It has a good foaming ability and can easily form creamy and fluffy foam. The rich foam acts like a soft cushion to reduce friction and irritation caused by the washing action.
This soap can remove makeup and dirt while at the same time preserving moisture in your skin. It can effectively maintain the balance of water and oil in your skin and will not dry out your skin. Skin feels moist and comfortable after use.
To Use
Lather the soap with wet hand or by dampened foaming net. Apply the rich lather on dry face and gently massage. Rinse well with water.

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